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A Girl's First Hard Wax

Ray's been singing the praises of hard wax—particularly the formula used at the European Wax Center—for months. Last night, I finally decided to visit the Upper West Side and see what all her fuss was really about.

You see, I get Brazilian waxes pretty regularly, but I would get them more regularly if they weren't so painful. I feel about Brazilians the way most people feel about the dentist: plenty of dread, with not much relief afterward. Ray swore to me that hard wax was way less painful than the regular stuff. "It only grabs the hair, not the skin," she promised. "And they can go over one area several times with the same piece of wax, which means nothing gets left behind."

She was right. (Good advice, mang.) Zelia, my beyond lovely aesthetician who was actually Brazilian (how authentic), gave me the quickest, least painful, most thorough wax I've ever had. I even booked another appointment. Which I never do, because I'm always trying to put it off. Thanks, Zelia. Thanks, European Wax Center. And thanks, Ray!

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