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Public Bathroom Guide: SoHo, NYC

Ahhhhhh, shopping in SoHo, a truly unique experience. The buildings are low and pretty, the thoroughfare is filled with off-duty models and fanny-packed tourists. You can walk down Broadway if you're brave, or stick to Crosby if you're feeling a little claustrophobic. But wait, ughhh, there's that nagging feeling—you have to go to the bathroom. There's always Starbucks, if you can stand waiting in a half-hour line.

Relax. We've got you covered. Here are a few of our favorite spots to answer nature's call, shopping bags in hand.

Opening Ceremony, Howard st. b/t Crosby and Broadway
This one is a little off the beaten path and well-hidden in the shop. The bathrooms (yes, there are two!) are just before the staircase on the main floor of the women's store. Beware: One of them has no sink, so everybody will no you didn't wash your hands.

Bloomingdale's Downtown, Broadway b/t Spring and Broome
Here's one that never lets you down. Walk straight onto the men's floor and look for the corridor by the men's shoe department. Enter on Crosby to avoid the crowds of Broadway.

Starbucks, Spring and Crosby
I'm warning you, there will be a line, but the bathroom is there in the back. But if you're waiting what seems to be an eternity, duck out and head for Bloomingdale's.

The Apple Store, Prince and Greene
It's been under construction for a while, but when it opens, one can only imagine the hi-tech glory that awaits. Will the toilets charge your phone? Will your music be beamed to the sink through the elusive cloud? The possibilities!

Crate & Barrel, Houston and Broadway
Technically, this isn't in SoHo, but it's close enough. Plus, if you're tired you can always laze around on a couch for a few minutes. It's actually quite a nice little afternoon.

Starbucks, West Broadway and Houston
This Starbucks is a little harder to manage. There's a bottleneck before the drink order line that confuses people. Head to the back, turn around, and line up on the left side before the bathroom. Plan to wait 5-10 minutes.

Pearl River Mart, Broadway b/t Broome and Grand
It's not the most glamorous of shops, but when you gotta go, you gotta go.

J.Crew, Prince b/t Mercer and Greene
Wander through the sea of striped shirts and dresses and shoes and things, past the giant rope owl, down the stairs and you'll find two bathrooms.

The Mercer Hotel, Prince and Mercer Make like you're going to Mercer Kitchen, walk down the stairs and loop around the corner. Enter the brick cave-like area on the right and you're golden. The trick is to act like you own the place.

Le Pain Quotidien, Grand b/t Mercer and Greene
I've gotten the evil eye for ducking in here a few times, but head to the right as soon as you walk in and you'll find the answer to your uncomfortable prayers.

SoHo Grand, West Broadway b/t Canal and Grand
If you're in the lower section of SoHo, head to the Grand. Walk up the stairs in the lobby, and head towards the back right side of the building. Very fine facilities indeed. Afterwards, you can roll downstairs through the back and hang out in SoHo Yard.

Armani Exchange, Broadway and Prince
Craving an Italian experience? Armani exchange has you covered.

Crosby St. Hotel, Crosby b/t Prince and Spring
Walk in like you have a reservation, make a hard right downstairs and head to the back left corridor. The doors there are abnormally heavy, but you'll probably have superhuman strength from your intense bladder induced adrenaline surge. I guess?

That should be enough to get you through. Rest assured, there are plenty more bathrooms to be found down there, but we can't give away all our secrets. Need this on the go? Find it on foursquare. And good luck!