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Beach Towels for the One Percent

Along with a Ralph Lauren picnic basket and a mammoth Louis Vuitton trunk, I want a completely unnecessary-yet-amazing beach towel. 

I'd never buy any of those things myself since my friends would call me out for being neither Madonna en route to a Scottish castle, nor Leo on a yacht in St. Tropez, but I'd definitely want someone to give one of them me— especially the beach towels.

As far as fashion-y splurges go, they'd last way longer; unlike Carrie Bradshaw-esque stilettos that wear down to the metal after four wears or beaded dresses forced to hang in garment bags every minute, spendy beach towels are indestructible by definition. So in that one way, they're practical. Though, of course, their real power is making you look like you're about to film an episode of MTV's Cribs the second you leave the beach or the pool.

That's the message all of the towels in the slideshow below deliver, no matter how different they look. Click through to shop them all, but don't be surprised when you come back from a swim to find your iPhone and wallet lying on the patch of sand where your towel used to be.

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