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The Best Online Shopping Experiences

I really, really like getting clothes in the mail. Sometimes I slash open boxes in the elevator before I even get into my apartment, using civilized things like my canine teeth, Uniball pens or other mildly sharp, stray things in my handbag (umbrella spokes, earring posts).

But I'm a firm believer that ordering those clothes and accessories should be a relatively fun thing, too—or at least stress-free. Market research firm ForeSee understands this. Each year, they analyze customers' satisfaction with the largest 100 e-tailers by mining feedback about each site's merchandise, presentation and customer service.

Click through below to see how our favorite fashion brands scored according to 21,000 responses. (Because the pool only includes the 100 largest online retailers, some of our favorite sites to shop aren't on there. And keep in mind that the top score on the list, for Amazon, was an 86—which makes an 83 less of a B- and more of an A+.)


Satisfaction: 83

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online shopping
online shopping