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Bethenny Frankel Explains Why Skinny Girls Need Shapewear, Too

Yesterday morning I popped by the Renaissance Hotel to browse Bethenny Frankel's new shapewear line. Fully expecting to find racks of stretchy nude body suits and high-waisted undies, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the reality star's under-pinnings were both practical and pretty. I swept through the soft, lacy camis, boyshorts and leotards (which, by the way, all cost less than $65) and snagged a few "Skinny Girl" snacks before chatting with Frankel about her design debut.

Your brand is called "Skinny Girl" and you're so small—do you think thin people should wear shapewear?
For me, it's something sexy to wear under a cardigan or blazer and then it later becomes lingerie. It's lazy lingerie for me. I don't like to have a lingerie drawer, it's awkward to walk into the room and put it on, but now I come home, take this off, and it's like "Honey, I'm home." 

There's something for everyone: you bulge certain places, you want to kind of smooth it out under a dress…everybody has their own flaw, everybody has their own insecurities and everybody wants to feel as confident as they possibly can—and this is shapewear that you actually want people to see.

So you actually just use it as another layer of clothing?
I use it instead of a bra, tank top and lingerie all at the same time.

What was your initial inspiration for starting the line?

The more things I hear from women about what's bothering them and what problems they want to solve: it's uncomfortable and it's riding up, it's riding down…then I go and do something about it.

You have a daughter now [2 year old Bryn Hoppy], how has your style changed since becoming a mother?
I think it's gotten better; I pay more attention. When I was pregnant, I really wanted to not look like a slob. I used to wear pajamas every single day…before I was pregnant. I would wear pajamas all day, every day. Then, when I was pregnant I made a very particular effort to wear heels and look cute because you can feel like a slob when you're pregnant. So, I kept that trying a little bit. I used to not try, and I'm getting older.

Where do you love to shop?
I shop online. I'll be at Macy's more because it [the shapewear line] is in 25 Macy's, but I shop online. I like to shop on eBay, Net-a-porter. I just like being online, it's like going through a mall and just being able to choose. I'm not really loyal to any particular one.

Now that you've made your design debut, is a clothing line in the future?
Clothing line? I'm not sure if I'll do a clothing line, I have other things to do before I would do clothing. But maybe!

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