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Big Changes For America's Next Top Model: Viewer Voting and Two New Hires

When three members of America's Next Top Model's permanent cast—Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel and J. Alexander—were let go in April due to the show's poor ratings, I fully expected some high-profile hires to step in. However, news just broke—via this tweet—that Tyra has signed Johnny Wujek and Rob Evans for next season. Don't know who those people are? Yeah, I didn't either.

Apparently, Wujek is Katy Perry and Shakira's stylist and will be filling the role that Jay Manuel formerly occupied. Since both singers are known for making a big sartorial statement on the red carpet and in music videos, it seems that Johnny's aesthetic should mesh well with those campy video/photoshoots (You guys remember that one with the Modelland theme? Cray!) we've come to know and love. As for Evans, he's a male model and is really attractive—which might be reason enough to watch.

After announcing the new cast members, Banks revealed another huge change for the upcoming fall season on the ANTM Facebook page: audience members will be able to vote for the first time ever. "Fierce news, Fam, the newest addition to America's Next Top Model is you!" she posted. "Cycle 19's judging panel will include your votes, comments and video messages. You will have a say in which models stay...and who goes home."

As one of those many people who stopped tuning in this past cycle, I'll admit—I'm somewhat intrigued by these recent developments. I want to know more about these two fashion people I've never heard of, and I like the idea of rallying behind my favorite contestant. How about you guys? Do you think this is a smart move for America's Next Top Model, and will you be watching next season? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo via ANTM's Facebook page.

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