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Celebrities at Cannes: Airport Dressing Done Right

At this point, tabloids have indeed convinced me that celebrities are "Just Like Us": they text in line at Whole Foods, read trashy magazines in nail salons and wear jeans to the airport.

Of course, I really only care about these things when I too am in a nail salon, reading weeklies while waiting for my Essie Clambake to dry, but I'll make an exception for the airport outfits in the slideshow below. Instead of skinny jeans, striped tees and ballet flats, these women en route to the Cannes Film Festival choose standout things like jumpsuits, harem pants and yellow leather jackets. I don't know if it's the people (Diane Kruger, Inès de La Fressange) or the place (France, where everyone looks marginally better all the time), but the outfits were outrageously good—so good that they don’t even seem like “airport outfits.” Click through to see what I'm talking about.

Diane Kruger

When I heard Diane Kruger wore a jumpsuit to the airport I was not prepared for this level of '70s martini bar amazing-ness. (Though, to be fair, I wasn’t expecting a Smurf-blue terry cloth version either.)

INF Photo

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