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Celebrity Outfits to Copy Outside the Courtroom

I'm not a lawyer, I don't get in trouble and I've never been summoned for jury duty (though John seems to get it every two weeks). So my understanding of what people wear to court comes singlehandedly from Law & Order episodes—which is to say I picture general blahness, since I don't remember a single look from that show beyond Ice-T's badass ponytail. 

But for court I imagine you're supposed to look pulled-together and serious, yet more innocent than you would for a job interview. Like pencil skirts with little cardigans or something. I'm not totally sure. But I am sure that all the celebrities in the slideshow below kinda nailed it. Whether they were very, very bad (DUIs, thrown cell phones at assistant's heads) or just snagged in routine proceedings (divorces, custody), they all look really good. (And some of them more than once—Lindsay Lohan's in half of these pictures, but what did you expect?)

Winona Ryder

That little kid collar is so Miu Miu. I wouldn't wear it with the headband, too, but I'd definitely wear it.

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