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Croakies: Could They Be Making a Comeback?

Fact: sunglasses tend to get lost. Whether you leave them in taxis, trains, airplanes or elsewhere, they have a notorious tendency to find their way off your face and into some nook or cranny where you'd never think to search—costing you tens (or hundreds) of dollars with each subsequent replacement pair. Also a fact: during outdoor athletics (biking, hiking, jogging etc.), it's even easier to lose track of your favorite shades. That's why Croakies, the sunglass cords beloved by suburban dads and sports instructors worldwide, were invented. A more athletic cousin of the beaded eyeglass chains frequently worn by librarians and the like, they're both highly functional and inexpensive. Too bad they're incredibly dorky-looking.

Or are they? Exhibit A: Rag & Bone's Keaton sunglasses ($370 at Shopbop.com), pictured below at left. They've got on-trend clear frames, mirrored lenses...and yes, an adjustable cord to secure them to your face. I remember seeing them on models at Rag & Bone's Spring 2012 show—and again at Hampden's restaging of the same presentation last month—and flipping out over how cool they looked. So cool, in fact, that I included them in our roundup of this season's dreamiest sunglasses.

Exhibit B: Buzzworthy eyewear brand Westward Leaning's Castro frames ($180 at Westwardleaning.com), below at right. Created in honor of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California, they're attached to a multicolored, braided sunglass chain. What's more, the Castro shades (proceeds from which benefit gay rights organizations) have become so popular, they're completely sold out right now—though the style will be restocked within the next couple of weeks.

Could Croakies be making a comeback? More importantly, would you wear them? Sound off in the comments!

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