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Designer Collabs That Should Be Real, Volume II

We could pretty much care less about which celebrities are getting married or divorced and then married again. The couplings that excite us are that our favorite designers teaming up on one collaboration after another. Floral Barbour jackets don't just happen by accident—it takes the meeting of two very great minds. Kind of like John and me....


Pendleton for Juicy Couture

For nice girls who like woolen prints.

We kind of feel bad that people in LA are never cold enough to whip out the Pendleton blankets. And thus the idea to meld these two worlds together was born. Cali, you're welcome.


Peter Som for Barbour

For the florally inclined outdoorsy girl.

Mixing our favorite utilitarian designer with our favorite colorful prints was the best idea to ever come out of the Lucky conference room.


Mary Katrantzou for Lululemon

For the yogi with a print obsession.

Your yoga instructor might kick you out of class for disrupting the zen.


Crayola for J Brand Jeans

Every color you loved growing up, on your legs.

We dare you to resist dressing like a crayon when given the opportunity.


Isabel Marant for Puma

On the court or in the club.

Sporty meets fashion meets sporty, again.


Dior for Uniqlo

Classic glamor fused with classic simplicity.

We have a lot of faith in what Raf Simons could do to basics.


Chirstopher Kane for Alexis Bittar

Pumped up bangles.

The only thing better than statement accessories are neon statement accessories.


Balmain for Kate Spade

Spiking the punch, also, studding the pants.

It's kind of like...when Lindsay Lohan's character started hanging out with Regina George in Mean Girls: A preppy mathlete turns into a very bad girl.

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