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Eight Sorta Awesome Things from C. Wonder's Summer Lookbook

If someone playing Family Feud were given the category "Stereotypically Preppy Summer Things," they'd start listing the contents of C.Wonder's new lookbook. Seersucker dresses, picnic baskets, seashell jewelry: it's all there.

The overdose makes sense; C.Wonder offers a million different items (home goods, pet toys, clothing, accessories) but they all have one common thread—unabashed preppiness. And what better season for showcasing preptastic, brightly-colored pieces than summer?

Click through the slideshow to preview few of our favorite things from the lookbook (some are available now, some hit stores later this summer). Then cast of your drab Barbour jacket aside in favor of these magenta-wheeled roller skates, nautical coasters and metallic sandals, which each have one more similarity, actually: wallet-friendly prices.

I will do this instead of SoulCycle.

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