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Fashion Star, Episode 9: Major Eliminations

Fashion Star surprised viewers last night with several dramatic twists and turns. This week, the contestants consulted the buyers before judging for the first time ever. They were asked to create two garments—thus doubling their chances to make a sale. But regardless of who sold what to where, no one was granted immunity in this round and—instead of the usual one—three people were instantly sent home.

In the workroom, the buyers stressed that what they wanted, above all else, was assurance that the designers could cater to a wide range of customers. Kara Laricks proved herself—and solidified her spot in the top three—by translating her stark, menswear-inspired looks into a cheerful sundress and classic trench coat. The sleek suit and chic cocktail dress Ronnie sent down the runway also won him a place in next week's finale. And, although none of the buyers purchased Nzimiro's safari jacket and pants, his ability to create different types of garments catapulted him to the next round.

Of those eliminated, two—Orly and Nikki—left on a high note with major buys from Saks Fifth Avenue (both Orly and Nikki's dresses) and H&M (the wide leg trousers and matching jacket from Orly). Click through the slideshow below to shop all the winning pieces and check back next week to read my coverage of the finale.

Ronnie proved he could do more than just formalwear with this stunning combo dress.