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Fendi Is Re-Issuing Six Baguette Styles: Is the Original 'It' Bag Cool Again?

It's become very on-trend for brands to re-issue bags that that used to be, ahem, trendy. First, Coach brought back vintage shapes, last weekend Prada announced that a selection of old favorites were hitting three New York boutiques, and this morning, we learned that iconic versions of Fendi's infamous "Baguette" bag are about to return.

To commemorate its 15th anniversary, six memorable styles of what has become known as "the original 'It' bag" will land in Fendi stores worldwide. Prices for the limited edition handbags will start at around $1,000 and run upwards of $3,000.

"The Baguette represents the perfect expression of this and of Fendi’s DNA,” Pietro Beccari, the new chairman and chief executive officer for the label, told WWD. "It’s probably true that the Baguette was the bag that invented a fashion for bags and probably initiated the so-called ‘It’ bag phenomenon. But thanks to its unique shape that embodies the whole history of a maison, the Baguette has evolved into a timeless piece."

Much like Chanel and its 2.55 satchel or the Birkin at Hermes, Fendi re-interprets its signature handbag each season. So, if you don't like any of the older variations (Although, look how pretty! How could you not?), boutiques will be stocked with plenty of other options. But, regardless of which one you purchase, I'd keep it far away from all the Manolos and bootcut denim you own. The key to not looking like an extra from Sex in the City, circa 1999, is to pair it with something modern—like a neoprene dress or crisp peplum top.

So tell me in the comments section: are you suddenly obsessed with Fendi Baguettes again? If so, would you pick a re-issue or a newer style? And if not, why? What type of carry-all do you prefer?

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