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Ginger Coconut Melt: It's A New Exfoliating Treatment, Not A Dessert

WOW, was my first reaction to this most relaxing spa treatment I received at Paul Labrecque last week. I never know quite what to expect when I sign up for these things, but I'll say yes to anything with ginger and coconuts. Plus it’s a brand new service and I like being first.

Nina—one of the spa’s very thorough estheticians—hand-mixed natural ingredients (warm oil, organic lime juice, ginger and brown sugar—so I guess it could be a dessert?) and then scrubbed me down with the concoction. And yes, the scrubbing portion of the treatment was a little bit rough, but being beautiful can sometimes hurt and those few moments of pain were countered with the next 20 minutes, during which I came as close to pure bliss as one can in Manhattan. After the intense exfoliation, Nina poured warm coconut milk all over my body and wrapped me up in tin foil, followed by a layer of towels and a heated blanket. Then I got to nap for 20 minutes! I know you want to try this at home, but you’ll probably just make a mess and then blame me for it.

While I lay there in a restful state, Nina performed a mini-facial. (I might be the only person that can take a nap while getting facial extractions, but I was really tired that day...) During the facial, Nina used lymphatic drainage and bio-reflex massage techniques to awaken the skin. I already knew that lymphatic drainage works every time, but didn't yet know about the power of facial massage. Now I'm pretty sure it's the best way to offset all of those sleepless nights.

I dare you to find a better way to spend a Friday afternoon. It’s been an entire week and not only does my skin still feel incredibly soft, but I haven’t had one breakout. True story. Call 212-988-7816 to book an appointment with Nina at Paul Labrecque.

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