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Happy Facebook IPO Day! Here are the Best Fashion Facebook Pages

Remember when you needed a .edu email address to join Facebook? I was a wee sophomore at Muhlenberg College in scenic Allentown, PA when I first registered my account. Soon after, when you could add pictures and tag people, a friend said, "Have you seen the creepy new stalking thing on Facebook?" I rushed to create the group for my hometown when global groups were cool—you can probably tell I was mad popular in college—and since then, Facebook's become an integral part of my job, estranged relatives have appeared out of nowhere, alongside all manner of other weirdos, and we even have hangers that show "likes" in real time, naturally. How far we've come since the early days, world! But we all know Facebook isn't just for friends, it's also a place where you can talk to your favorite brands and designers. In honor of today's IPO, we've rounded up some of the best fan pages out there. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg will take a break from bathing in money to humor us with a gander. Doubt it.

Kate Spade New York

Great Spirit

Kate Spade New York kills it across the social board. Their Facebook page is heavy on the imagery (in a good way) and on service. Users can rate products and leave feedback, but also catch up on the brand's other platforms on the "World of Kate Spade" tab.

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