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How My Hair Turned Hot Pink

I've been going through somewhat of an adventurous phase and it's carried over into appearance. It started out with some nail art (I used to only wear Waltz by Essie, which is a very whitish light pink) and then I experimented with color rinses that seemed harmless and wash out after a couple of days. But at my last hair color appointment with Nikki Ferrara at Sally Hershberger, I really went for it: Pink hair. Which, as it turns out is really good in some situations and not others. For example, having meetings with important people feels slightly awkward when your hair is the color of a My Little Pony. But most of the time, I'm enjoying being "the girl with the pink hair," which is also something you should consider before going pink because you will certainly be just that. If you're think of going pink—it is kind of trendy right now—I can tell you exactly how to do it.

If your hair is too dark, the color won't hold. Nikki added extra highlights to make my hair more blonde. (My hair was lighter in the front than in the back, so that needed to be evened out).

Then she added the Davines Alchemic Shampoo in red followed by the conditioner. If you only want a tiny hint of pink, then add a drop of the red Davines conditioner to a nice conditioning mask. Leave it on for up to two minutes on soaking wet hair and then rinse. If it's not pink enough, you can always add more. Mine held REALLY well, which is why the pink turned out to be "hot" rather than light pink. If you are really blonde, you run this risk too, so don't leave it on for too long!

I was pretty psyched to hear that Sally Hershberger herself was at the salon that day watching all of this go down (though I didn't see her because I never seem to recognize famous people) and asked Nikki to dye her hair pink like mine. I don't think she went for it in the end, but I was way excited to hear that I inspired my hair stylist idol.

The next redical decision might be a tattoo. Yikes.

If you're in New York, make an appointment with Nikki at Sally Hershberger downtown and ask for "the Ray." And if you can't go, you should try Sally's line of hair products—they are THE BEST.

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