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How to Wear Your Winter Clothes Now

With the exception of "summer scarves"—D-list celebrities who infallibly pair them with fedoras: please cut it out—I'm pretty open to people wearing things out of season. Beyond those scarves—and, like, boat shoes in a blizzard or a sleeping bag parka at a barbeque—transitioning summer things into cold weather and vice versa is pretty seamless. It's as simple as making sure you're dressed for the current temperature, while avoiding ridiculously season-specific fabrics (white linen in winter, 8-ply cashmere in summer).

So before you go storing all your winter clothes or relegating them to the Narnia of your closet, click through the slideshow below for some ways to wear those cold weather staples now. (They're not earth-shatteringly innovative suggestions, but they're not bizarre, either, and I'm not gonna recommend anything that makes you look too try-hard. Like a celebrity in a summer scarf.)

Tights + Short Shorts

When the temperature's in the '60s—bare legs weather—but freezing at your desk, shorts and tights is a good way to go. Plus, it makes wearing hot pants in the office reasonable. (At least in a casual workplace.)

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