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I Love Vodka! Especially In A Pedicure!

I live for luxuriating, especially when it’s at a charmingly bohemian spot like Sweet Lily Natural Nail Spa & Boutique in Tribeca. It’s perfect: the ceiling fans whir soothingly, generating a lovely, almost-tropical breeze, and the room, an open loft space, is airy and uncluttered, with the exception of two Shabby Chic-looking cabinets, one stocked with pretty glasses to pour yourself wine or lemony water. As the pedicurist took one of my feet in her lap and started vigorously filing away at my heel with a pumice, I sank into the plush armchair (yes, genuine armchairs) and closed my eyes.

What I remember next is coming to—lurched from a deep, foot-massage-induced slumber by the sound of the pile of magazines I’d been reading in my lap crashing to the floor. And then my feet were pampered in a way they’d never been pampered before! They were steeped in a bucket (the awesomest, dilapitated-in-a-cool-way, vintagey bucket) of steaming lemon water with vodka, which not only sounds utterly decadent but is beyond softening, too. My toes: shellacked with Zoya hot orange polish and green sparkles. Best pedi ever.

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