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Is This $13,000 Gem-Encrusted Skirt An 'Essential'?

If Henry VIII were a twenty-first century woman, he would wear this Dolce & Gabbana skirt, which looks like someone glued the spoils of an empire to pleats of white fabric. Ornate is a good way to describe it.

But Netaporter.com's word for the $13,760 gem-encrusted skirt is different. They tag it an "essential."

I kinda get it; sometimes my multicolor tweed and denim cropped jacket feels vital to my life. Even so, I wouldn't call it an essential, a slippery word that morphs into "basic" or "staple" in my mind. I save that term for quieter, more versatile things like khaki trench coats and classic black pumps (both also marked essentials on Net-a-porter). Not ridiculously elaborate, "I think that skirt was in the Met's latest Costume Institute exhibit," sorts of things.

Although, if I owned this Anna Dello Russo-worthy skirt, I'd probably consider it essential too, because, well, it's awesome. Even if I couldn't sit down in it, ever, lest I crack a thumb-sized emerald stone, I can already think of a dozen other occasions when it'd be necessary. Like when I want something to pair with a chambray shirt on a balmy summer day or a chunky oatmeal-colored knit in winter. Or when I'm going through airport security, or trying to convince a third date that I'm low-maintenance.

Buy it here. (It's vital.)

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