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It's National Swimsuit Confidence Week, Ladies!

Ever since March there has been a pesky voice in the back of my head whispering, "Bathing suit season is right around the corner!" With Memorial Day fast approaching, the voice is now practically screaming. That hard core diet and fitness regimen I planned to go on? Well, that didn't quite happen.

Luckily, before I even had time to beat myself up over it, I learned that it's National Swimsuit Confidence Week, and I'm already feeling better about my new string bikini. Lands' End is spearheading the campaign along with online magazine, Curvy Girl Guide, to inspire women of all shapes and sizes to feel comfortable on the beach or by the pool sans cover up.

Before you head to the water this summer, check out the tips for feeling your best in a swimsuit below from women's self-esteem advocate and founder of Curvy Girl Guide, Brittany Gibbons. Then get out there, and have fun!

1. Redefine your swimsuit style. All women are beautiful, they just have to believe it. Gibbons suggests redefining your swimsuit style to uncover the beauty within.Rather than selecting a swimsuit based on function, select a swimsuit that truly makes you feel beautiful. There are so many retro-inspired looks this season that offer great coverage and are glamorous at the same time.

2. Set your own standard.
When it comes to swimsuit beauty, don't set an unrealistic standard for yourself.

3. Dress your shape, not your size. The number one mistake women make is dressing to their size rather than their shape and the outcome can be disappointing. Gibbons suggests looking to real women and curvy fashion icons for inspiration.

4. Look for separates. The best way to feel great in a swimsuit is to find one that fits and flatters. Customize your look by shopping for swim separates. This season’s biggest trend is mixing and matching patterns and colors.

5. Look for a QUALITY swimsuit. If there is one piece of clothing you should invest in this summer…it’s a swimsuit. Quality swimsuits offer the support that is sure to make you look better...and ultimately feel better.

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