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J.Crew-aholics: Watch CNBC Tonight at 10 PM

I was going to write that this has been a good month for J.Crew, considering the company's collaborations with both classic footwear brand Loeffler Randall and more gritty jewelry designer Pamela Love. But then again every month in the past few years seems like a good month for J.Crew.

That's probably because of two people in particular, whose minds fabricate those nautical stripe tees and sequin pencil skirts long before the factories sew them: J.Crew's executive creative director, Jenna Lyons, and its CEO, Mickey Drexler.

While the former is my eternal girl crush, the latter has his very own documentary airing tonight on CNBC, and that's probably a bigger honor. Called "J.Crew and the Man Who Dressed America," the hour-long special follows Mickey from the factory to the selling floor in an exploration of all things that make J.Crew awesome. (Like the loudspeakers Mickey famously installed in the corporate office, used to share both important announcements and silly jokes, of course.)

Watch below for a teaser clip:


For more, set your DVR to CNBC tonight at 10 PM. (You might want to have your computer ready, too, as well as your TV. How good are these currently available clothes?)

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