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Justin Timberlake Is the Newest Mint

The newest addition under the Beachmint umbrella (which includes StyleMint, JewelMint and ShoeMint) is HomeMint, a line of home accessories from Justin Timberlake and interior designer Estee Stanley. The duo share a friendship and a similar aesthetic—Estee decorated each of Justin's homes—as well as with an admittedly obsessive attention to detail.

In a fully decked out suite at the Mercer Hotel—not a throw pillow amiss—they told me all about their new project. When I asked how trend forecasting plays a role in what they design for the collection, Justin laid it down: “We don’t want anything you see here to feel old four or five months from now.," he said. "We want it to live on. It’s the difference in, like, dressing a woman for the Met Ball and dressing a man for the Met Ball. There’s always a tux and a tux is always classic. You can never go wrong with a tux.”

“We want you to be able to layer as the months come," Estee added. "There’s always layers and layers of items that you can mix in with what you’ve bought previously. I’m not a trendy person—I’ve never been—except for maybe in the '80s with Madonna! For me, when I buy things or when I buy anything for my clients, I want them to have it in 20 years. My grandmother's china is still fantastic. I have it and hopefully my daughter will love it—that’s what we’re trying to do here.”

The collection will be sold exclusively online and ranges from $15 all the way up to $10,800 for a rug.

Since I'm sure you're all dying to know, Justin, who looked very handsome in navy brogue shoes and a navy blazer, was clearly passionate about the project and an overall joy to listen to for 20 minutes. Also, he assured the group that there'd be no fighting over furniture with his fiance, Jessica Biel, who shares the same taste. Phew!

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