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Kiehl’s, Nars, Tom Ford…and Carrot-Nut Muffins

My passion-verging-on-obsession for gorgeous lipsticks and silky emollients and fragrant candles is rivaled only by my penchant for food. At the grand opening of Blue Mercury in Union Square a few weeks ago, I was struck by the vast assortment (Acqua Di Parma, Kiehl’s, Tocca, Molton Brown, the store’s own M-61 skin-care line, which I love—tons of the most luscious collections in a totally navigable, friendly-sized store). I was also struck by the luscious carrot-nut muffins they served for breakfast. After hanging around after most of the other editors had filed out of the store, I asked, slightly embarrassed, where the luscious muffins were from. Fancy Girl Table catering. Half an hour later, back at my desk, I’d already written the company (Organic! Love it!) to ask where I could buy them. It turns out they’re not for sale, but you can get these indescribably moist, wonderfully wholesome muffins (and their menu of other beyond-delicious eats) by getting Fancy Girl to cater your next dinner party.

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