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Lana Del Rey Designed Some Keds Back in 2009—Here's Video Proof

In addition to being a fine singer of torch songs, Lana Del Rey's also a Mulberry muse and a champion of retro glamour. We often wonder why she hasn't snagged a high-profile design gig yet (Lana Del Rey for Madewell—can you even imagine the awesomeness?)...but as it turns out, she already has.

Back in 2009, Lana apparently designed some lace-up sneakers for Keds, a brand known for its heritage-y vibe. And in the video below, which our friends at Fashionista just discovered, the "Video Games" songstress wears them around Coney Island. Other noteworthy elements of her look? Bleached-blonde hair (for the record, we vastly prefer her current auburn hue), heart-shaped sunglasses and fake nails. But while her look may have evolved over the past several years, that famous voice hasn't—the singer treats us to a few bars in between nibbling on cotton candy and riding the Ferris wheel. Check out the clip below.

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