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Living Proof Has Inspired Me to Undo the Damage

All of those hair color stories I write for you come at a price. My once-healthy hair is beyond damaged from my last color treatment, so it was almost too weird when a bag full of Living Proof restorative hair products showed up at my desk yesterday. You see, I never had damaged hair and didn't even need to use conditioner until now. It's been a tough adjustment for me, but the good news for you is that I'm testing out a ton of new products so I can find you the ones that really work. Stylist Melony Cox from Refresh—an in-home spa service that offers blow-outs—came to the office today to teach me how to use the products and to make my hair look extra nice for the weekend.

Melony worked through a dime size amount of Restorative Repair Cream (my hair was already dry, but you can use it on damp hair too). This product is really cool because you can use it on your hair as you would a body lotion and even apply it throughout the day if you want to. It's kinda crazy how quickly your hair absorbs it without leaving any buildup or making it feel greasy. In fact, the hair is pretty much way softer without feeling like there's any product in it at all—so impressive.

Then Melony sectioned my hair off so she could use a blowdryer and brush to get some waves in there. "Most people can't get a lot of movement in their hair when it's dry, but the Restorative Repair Cream really helps." Then she used the Firm Hold Hairspray to finish it off. The molecules in the spray are super small, so it doesn't make your hair feel hard like most firm hold sprays are known to do.

Another very helpful tip from Melony: "Your hair gets it's nutrients from the ends, so it's important to get regular cuts. Don't wait longer than twelve weeks to get a haircut—that's when it starts to split."

Living Proof is challenging you to join them in their Restore 14 Day Challenge to prove that you can undo the damage to your hair in only two weeks. I've accepted the challenge and will promptly report back, like I always do. If you're up for it too, this video will tell you what you need to know.

It's time to make your hair all nice before the frizz weather starts! We can do it!

Undo the damage!

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