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Lookbook Love: Denim & Supply's Summer Safari

In romantic comedies, New Yorkers and other Big City Types strut around in crisp black outfits even on sunny 90-degree days. Outside of Sweet Home Alabama sets, though, I'm pretty sure people in all parts of the country favor a more pared down summer look: tiny shorts, airy blouses, fewer black wool sheaths and more barbecue-friendly sorts of things. Kinda like the stuff in Denim & Supply's new lookbook.

Ralph Lauren's affordable offshoot—geared more towards concert-goers than country clubbers—has a whole zoo of those sorts of easy pieces for summer. Cargo pants, fringed booties, concho belts, field jackets, gauzy linen tops: it's all there, and with a heavy safari bent. Click through the slideshow to shop some of our favorites, which would just as cute no matter where you live—city, suburbs, even real safari territory. (But then you'd probably already have this sort of stuff, I suppose.)

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