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Mad Men Season 5, Episode 11: Shop the Show

Regarding "The Other Woman," Episode 11 of Mad Men's fifth season, a good friend—who also happens to be a show biz vet—said, "I honestly think that was the best episode of television I've ever seen."

I'd have to agree. This entire season of Mad Men has been filled to the brim with bombshells. But with only two episodes left, things are moving fast at Sterling Cooper Draper Price. Joan Harris—who's now a partner in the firm—and Peggy Olson—who's leaving to work for a competitor—were at the center of the action. Click through to shop their looks, which unsurprisingly reveal quite a bit about where they're heading.

Peggy Olson

On her interview with with a competing firm, Peggy rips a page from Mary Tyler Moore's style book. Click through to shop her look.

Courtesy of AMC

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