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Mad Men Season 5, Episode 9: Shop the Show

Megan Draper and Betty Francis couldn't be more different: in personality, in hair color, and in pretty much everything else. During "Dark Shadows," Episode 9 of Mad Men's fifth season, their differences were highlighted through clothes. Megan wore lots of warm, inviting colors—red, rust, orange—and pale lips, while Betty stuck with a cold palette of taupe and blues and burgundy-red lipstick. Watch a clip from last night's episode, then click through below to shop their looks, as well as Sally Draper's lavender sweater, which kept her on neutral ground for most of the hour.

Megan Draper and Betty Francis

Click through to shop their looks.  From hair color to wardrobe to personality, each of these women could not be more unlike the other. Each of these women could not be more unlike the other. Megan's style feels young and modern, while Betty is staying with classic, but still beautiful, attire.

Courtesy of AMC

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mad men
mad men