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Madewell's Fall Lookbook Has All the Usual Suspects

Whenever I flip through a new Madewell lookbook I play Where's Waldo for a few things: polka dots, man cardigans, bright pants and moccasin-bootie hybrids. It might take a few pages but I know I'll find them. Behind Madewell's unstudied look there's a careful alchemy, and season after season, those are part of the ingredients.

So Madewell's fall stuff may be Wes Anderson-inspired—I get it, those movie characters are somehow bizarrely quirky and classic at the same time—but it's also sort of Madewell inspired, full of remixes of the company's signature looks.

Like the burgundy sheep sweater: since I never got that brown sweater with the ovelry large pink polka dots everyone bought last year, it seems like a pretty good substitute. Click through the slideshow below to see it, and more of the stuff everyone (including me) will be wearing this fall.

Florals with a varsity jacket: I'm having a "duh, why did I not think of this yet" moment.

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