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Maje Is Not Short For Major But it Should Be

Last night we got a sneak peek of Maje's fall collection in the Bleecker Street store and a chance to meet with creative director, Judith Milgrom. With plenty of mini food to go around and Hannah Bronfman spinning (LOVED her floral pant/red motorcycle jacket combination) a good time was actually had at this particular fashion party.

The designer is a very pretty, well-dressed French woman. Her co-workers describe her as someone with a rare ability to sniff out trends long before they've hit the high street. The true proof of Maje's success? Nearly everyone comes out of the dressing room smiling, looking comfortable and immediately wanting to buy what she has on.

Judith draws her inspiration from watching girls in Paris and New York: "I feel very lucky to be in Paris on a daily basis because girls know how to dress," she says. "They always have a niche and they know how to have fun with clothes and fashion in general."

From what we can tell, we'll all be getting to know Judith much better. The company is focused on making American shoppers more familiar with the designer behind the brand.

And there's more: The new face of Maje will be announced very soon—we'll let you know as soon as we know!

Shop at Maje on 10 Prince Street or 417 Bleecker Street in NYC, or online at Us.maje.com.

Photo Credit: Billy Farrell

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