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Make Room for Fashion: The No-Fail Blouse

Even for those of us who LOVE to shop, creating a well rounded, just-stylish-enough closet season after season can become a near impossible task after you have a child. Those days of casually browsing the clothing racks, trying on a hundred things in the dressing room, waiting in round-the-block lines for sample sales, and spending long afternoons hopping from one tiny out-of-the-way boutique to the next? Well, let’s just say they’re pretty much over.

But just because we decide to procreate doesn’t mean we have to lose ourselves. Moms often get a bum rap when it comes to looking presentable. I can say that, yes, I’m mother to a two-and-a-half year old and I’ve been known to put on yoga pants at 8 a.m. only to find that I’m still wearing them at dinner time. The key to make that not happen all the time, I’ve learned, is surrounding yourself with easy-to-wear pieces that make you look effortlessly stylish without much, well, effort.

My super easy, make-me-look-fabulous-in-two-seconds-flat solution? Tops by Yumi Kim. I find that designer Kim Phan’s signature colorful prints on simply cut silk silhouettes are perfect for pairing with skinny jeans and a pair of flats. Featuring feminine florals, vivid geometric patterns and vintage-inspired whimsy, I slip into one of these tops and am ready for wherever my toddler takes me. Click through to shop my favorites now.

Nicola Ruiz is a writer living in New York. Tweet her @nicolaruiz.

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