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Marc Jacobs Puts His Models in Big Furry Hats

Versace's black and white pictures of Elza Luijendijk was the first fall campaign we spotted this season, quickly followed by Gabriella Wilde and Roos Panes in trench coats for Burberry. Now, Marc Jacobs has released its autumn advertisements with these pictures shot by the brand's go-to photographer, Juergen Teller.

The images star models Marie Piovesan and Marte Mei van Haaster wearing pale, cakey foundation, black eyeshadow and those big furry hats that created so much buzz last February. And although both shots look like they were taken in an arid, beach-like climate, the pair is also bundled in cozy crochet wraps and black fur stoles. But, therein lies the magic of Marc Jacobs. Practically speaking, those girls are way overdressed and their makeup is kind of creepy...yet we're still obsessed. How about you?