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Meet Kris Sorbie, the Creative Director of Redken and the Coolest Chick in the Hair Biz

Even if Kris Sorbie wasn't the brains behind Redken, her hair is so great that I would still want to steal all of her tricks. Read this one-on-one with her and just take it all in like I did—style, color, haircare for summer—everything you need to know is right here:

Lucky: What’s your everyday hair routine?

Kris Sorbie: I shampoo with Redken Color Extend shampoo and conditioner, apply Full Frame 07 and blow dry.

What’s your favorite new hairstyle this summer?

The Crop. (See it on Carey Mulligan!)

What’s the one product you couldn’t live without?

Redken Full Frame 07, which gives my hair body without stickiness.

What’s your favorite haircolor for summer?


Do you have any secret tips for keeping hair healthy?

Listen to your hairdresser. They DO know best!

Which celebrity do you think has the best hair?

The character from The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

Teaching stylists how to give their clients amazing hair.

Where you friendly with Vidal Sassoon? If so, what’s your favorite memory with him?

I had the pleasure of meeting Vidal a few times, my favorite memory is the sincerity in his handshake, the authenticity in his advice and the humility in his eyes.

What type of new innovations can we expect from Redken in the near future?

Lots...enjoy the anticipation!

Tell me about your new iPad App that's in the works.

We are working on content, videos and tips to help consumers decide what product to use and how to style their hair for that desired end result.

How did you start the ombre hair phenomenon—and did you ever think it would catch on like it did?

When I started coloring hair with an ombré effect it was in 1995 when I was totally bored with doing and seeing highlights. I began studying how animal furs change color in each strand, what part of the hair is affected and how...that was it. I was hooked on the idea and have colored hair in that way since! If I remember rightly Helen Mirren was my first celebrity client willing to wear it and she loved it! I had no idea that 15 years later we would all be wearing it to some degree...it pays to be patient if you believe in an idea.

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