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Modcloth Introduces Its Own Private Label

Modcloth's new "private" label is pretty damn deomocratic.

Each piece in the online retailer's "premiere collection" was sketched by a Modcloth customer, then voted into production by other Modcloth shoppers. Naturally, the fan favorites mirror the site's signature vibe: things that look vintage but aren't (or, perhaps, most of Anthropologie's current stock).

Whether it's a ruffly floral blouse or a Peter Pan-collared sheath, Modcloth's premiere collection would fit right in swaying to the acoustic guitar at a She & Him concert, paired with a red bow barette, mary jane flats and perhaps some messy bangs. The pieces are charming and vaguely hand-me-down-like, but as the product of popular vote, they're also selling quickly. Click through below to shop some of our favorites before they're gone (and shop the full collection here).

Floral dresses are like the bread and butter of Modcloth.

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