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This pretty fragrance will make her feel sophisticated and French.

A great deal for an elegant scarf—she'll think you spent way more than you did.

The talk of the town! My mother and grandmother are always talking on the phone, so this stationery reminded me of them.

That's right. It's Oscar de la Renta.

I also give my grandmother fancy tubes of lipstick—she goes crazy for them.

This is actually the gift of youth. I've been using it for weeks and my skin is more hydrated and younger looking. No, I'm not just imagining it.

So she can feel fancy in the kitchen.

What lady wouldn't want a luxurious deep conditioner?

Moms can make statements, too!

Calypso's special mother's day tunic makes for the perfect beach cover up.

When I'm a mother, this is what I want my children to give me.