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New Limited Edition Colors From OPI, Inspired By Mermaids

Happy almost Memorial Day! There's another, lesser known holiday coming up, too—June 8 is World Oceans Day. Since almost everyone's three favorite things are the ocean, nail polish and mermaids, it's really cool that OPI made three limited edition colors to commemorate the big day. The mini collection of polish was made exclusively for a very special lady—Susan Rockefeller—and will be a free gift with the purchase of her ocean-inspired jewelry collection. Susan also made a documentary, Mission of Mermaids, that premiered this spring. It explores overfishing, pollution and acidification; it's purpose is to inspire us to rethink how we treat the ocean. 

To celebrate Oceans Day and support the cause, check out the jewelry at Susanrockefeller.com starting June 5. And keep in mind, you'll get some really pretty free polish if you do shop. There's Beauty and the Beach, which reminds me of my time spent on the Adriatic Sea. Mermalade is a beautiful orange-coral shade, and Sandcastle is a sandy mauve color. There have been so many beachy polish colors, but these tap into some of the more natural tones you'd find on the waterfront.

One of my favorite all-time characters, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, just wanted to be part of our world. But I'm pretty sure she would have wanted us to do everything possible to keep her world in tact. Save the ocean!

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