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This Oscar de la Renta Notebook Is Only Available on Facebook

Like pretty much everyone else, I list Moleskine and Smythson as two of my go-to notebook brands. And in a roundabout way, that's part of why I like this Oscar de la Renta notebook.

Sold only through their Facebook page, it immediately nabs an "F-commerce" edge. As someone who jots down inane and reckless things in my Moleskines like "pick up your birth control FOR REAL," and "new new Facebook password: a7sdfj," that added exclusivity equals a bit of security, so girls are less likely to mistake my notebook for theirs like they would a Starbucks latte. (It's happened before with my red leather one. Twice.) Of course, the distinct bijoux-printed cover inspired by Oscar de la Renta's fall collection doesn't hurt, either.

But the other reason I like it has to do with its best-of-both-worlds-ness. With that pretty cover, silver leaf pages and a $39 price tag (and complimentary shipping), the notebook smacks of a Smythson's fanciness while it's priced like a Moleskine. Inside the cover, a quote from Oscar reads "Happiness is a bagatelle, you just have to know how to find it."

As far as finding happiness through a notebook, it's pretty obvious you can find it on Facebook.

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