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Peep Emma Stone's New Revlon Ad

Beyond her acting, Emma Stone stands out for her coloring, which makes just as much of an impact as, say, Lily Collins' eyebrows and Lana Del Rey's lips. So it's kind of brilliant, then, that Revlon rendered Emma's second campaign for the company (she's their Global Brand Ambassador) in black and white.

I'm sure beauty ads are supposed to be colorful and full of life, but this one's sorta elegant and old school—and it's smart. Looking at it, I'm not distracted by Emma's red hair, blue eyes & fair skin combo, which inevitably becomes a factor in her each and every look. Like her Lanvin dress at the Met Ball: it was amazing, but I convinced myself it was even more amazing because of how it looked against her red hair. Although, really, that probably shouldn't be part of the equation.

And maybe her coloring shouldn't be a factor in a mascara ad, either. Unless you're reaching for an Urban Decay glitter mascara or an N.Y.C. neon version, it's not about color, it's about definition. Looking at this ad, I don't get tangled up in Emma's red hair or lost in her perfectly pale pores. I just want her dark, dark lashes—and I don't even need a new mascara.

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