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Prada Debuts a Movie at Cannes Starring Ben Kingley, Helena Bonham Carter and a Really Amazing Purple Fur Coat

Yesterday evening, Prada debuted a mini movie at the Cannes Film Festival called "A Therapy." Written and directed by Roman Polanski, the piece stars Ben Kingsley and Helena Bonham Carter portraying a Prada-clad psychologist and patient.

Like everything with Miuccia's stamp of approval, the short not only visually interesting but very witty and smart. First, Helena walks into the room, shucks off her purple fur coat and black round-toe pumps before recounting a disturbing dream. Her doctor, Kingley, attempts to listen but gets increasingly distracted by the soft, downy allure of her violet chubby. Eventually, he cannot help himself and has to try it on. It's funny to see but also kind of realistic. C'mon, be honest guys…wouldn't you at least want to do the same thing?

Check it out below:

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