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Regal Style: From Eleanor of Aquitane to Queen Elizabeth II

This weekend, Queen Elizabeth II will be celebrating her diamond jubilee. In other words, it's her 60th anniversary as the Queen of England. There's been much buzz about style and the House of Windsor lately, thanks to lovebirds Kate Middleton and Prince William. But Queen Elizabeth II is just one of many great ladies in England's history. The monarchy dates back thousands of years, each with their own style—from dress to policies.

Eleanor of Aquitane

Reign: 1154-1189

During the Dark and Middle ages, being royal wasn't exactly a blessing. In the case of Eleanor of Aquitane, it was certainly more of a curse. She was Queen of France with a bad marriage, battled in the crusades, became Queen of England by another bad marriage, lived in exile from her husband, was imprisoned by her husband, and finally freed after a rebellion by her children. That's stressful. Rumor has it she and her ladies dressed as Amazons, but it's largely disputed by historians. However, her golden robes, along with her supposed unmatched beauty, are often mentioned when recalling her reign.