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Shay Mitchell Is The First Face of American Eagle's New Campaign

Before Shay Mitchell landed the role of Emily on Pretty Little Liars, she modeled for major brands like American Eagle. Actually, not "like" American Eagle, specifically American Eagle—which is why it's doubly cool that she's back modeling for the brand now.

As the first celebrity face of their 15-person "Live Your Life" fall ad campaign, Shay's not just another slightly exotic-looking model with glowing skin. She's a legit celebrity, one that makes sense as a headliner for American Eagle, since both her real life style and on-screen persona mirror the brand's comfortable, easy flavor.

Unlike, say, Brad Pitt repping Chanel No. 5, Shay Mitchell modeling for American Eagle is a bit of a "duh" moment; she's a natural fit and a veteran, and she looks it. Click through the behind the scenes photos below to see what I mean, and shop currrently available American Eagle pieces here:

Emily is probably the only Pretty Little Liar who would wear desert boots, which is sad because they are awesome.

Albert Michael, StarTraks Photo

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