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Shop the Revenge Set on Gilt Home Today

Today, Gilt Home makes it possible to have a little piece of Revenge's Emily Thorne and Victoria Grayson without drawing any blood.

Starting at 12 PM EST, Gilt Home's selling props from the show's set, meaning you can rest a lamp from Grayson Manor on a table from Emily's beach house without one of them looking icily at the other and chilling the entire room around them. Instead, all the props have the warm, sunny bent of a Hamptons beach house: antique maps of Long Island, smoked-glass lamps, simple wooden porch swings. (As in Emily's porch swing, the one she swings on languorously while swifly plotting everyone else's ruin. That's for sale too.)

Click through the slideshow below to see the actual props for sale, and shop more Revenge-inspired decor on Gilt Home today through Monday, May 21. (And, obviously, watch Revenge today at 9 PM ESt. Like our cover girl Emily VanCamp, it's kind of awesome.)

I want to put seashells inside the base. Or tiny journals full of secrets and pictures with people's faces X-ed out in red ink.

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