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Snap Poll: Would You Wear $1,800 Custom Stingray Sneakers?

Presumably inspired by all the designer sneakers we've been seeing lately, new footwear company RayFish is selling fancy kicks. Only instead of adding a wedge like Isabel Marant or mimicking Miu Miu's punky studs, this brand uses stingray skin harvested from individually genetically modified fish. In more basic terms: you pick a pattern and then a scientist will specially grow it on an animal. The animal's skin is then made into your shoes.

The label is currently holding a contest called "Grow Your Own Sneaker" to get people excited about the whole "bio-customization" process. The winner will receive a free pair of shoes, which are estimated to cost around $1,800, according to Fashionista.com.

With bright colors and a funky pebbled texture, the product is undeniably cool-looking and it's pretty fascinating that DNA manipulation has become so easy and commonplace that it extends to bespoke fashion. However, seeing the sneakers lined up against images of stingrays gracefully swimming through the water captioned by the brand's "one fish, one shoe" policy kind of creeps me out. Like, I don't mind wearing leather but if a cow was specially raised for my bag alone? I think I might feel differently.

What you think? Lofty pricetag aside, would you order these shoes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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