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This is Jean Godfrey-June's favorite self-tanner. I went to her office this morning to examine her fake skin color: A-OK!

I used this all summer and am very happy to report that it doesn't look fake AT ALL. Now it comes with SPF 20, which is pretty awesome.

This mask whitens and brightens. I always wear it the night before I need to look pretty before seeing a boy that I like.

Jean swears that you can see a visible difference after just one night of using this cream. If she has something that she wants to look good for, she always wears it to bed the night before. It has idebenone in it—which is like a super-antioxidant molecule. It makes you look younger because it forces your skin cells to be healthier.

You can wear it alone for solo glow or use it as a makeup primer—either way it's so pretty.

This is an old favorite of ours. It makes you look tan and it smells like coconut. And the bottle is one you'll want to give prime real estate to in the medicine cabinet because it's so nice looking.

It's a highlighter and a self-tanner that you can use for the face and body. If you're not looking to spend too much on your summer glow—this is a good go-to.

My makeup artist friend recommends spraying this on top of your foundation for a glowy effect.

I've gotten every girl that I've ever known to start using this bronzer. It seems to look good on everyone.