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Summer Packing Guide: Africa

Right now the East African safari & South African beach getaway I'd slated years ago for this summer is just a pipe dream. My sister (and promised travel partner) is watching after her newborn baby, which is not very conducive to five minute car rides let alone cross-continent travel, and getting two weeks off work seems more exotic a thought than any trip I could cook up. Even Africa.

I'll mourn my long lost vacation by mentally packing for it, since that's one of the best parts of a trip anyway. Most people, I'm sure, would suggest simple, versatile things—or, non-euphemistically, "frumpy stuff." I, on the other hand, would push for packing your Africa-bound suitcase with as many awesome pieces possible. Whether you're in Cairo or Cape Town, you're gonna take a ton of pictures—it's Africa, you'd be crazy not to—so you might as well like your outfits in them, right?

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