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The prettiest camera bag I've ever seen is big enough for your water bottle, malaria pills and map too.

Around camp, wear it with cargo pants. Back in the office, wear it with a pencil skirt.

I've heard Cape Town has a great nightlife scene.

Way better than the cargo pants Spice Girls and All Saints wore back in the day, you'll actually wear these when you come home.

That color jolts a little energy into the typical double pocket & drawstring waist safari dress.

Don't be that girl wearing head-to-toe animal print in Africa. Go subtle.

In case your trip is more about the South African beaches than the East African bush.

I didn't really know what the quintessential African vacation dress looked like until I came across this one.

The circle of life: made in Africa for J.Crew, it'll be right at home.

Wear it for dinner in the hotel instead of, say, hanging with Somalian pirates.

The perfect complement for all those boxy camp shirts.

Make them a little more legit by telling people you bought them during your trip instead of before it.

You'd need chain mail to swim in the shark infested South African waters, but for lounging on the sand, this suit will do just fine.