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Summer Packing Guide: Las Vegas

"Las Vegas has something for everybody!" At least according to the friendly guy from American Airlines who checked my bag this afternoon. I sure hope he's right, because nothing says "evening in hell" more to me than a bodycon dress, headache-inducing club music and really, really sugary cocktails. (I do NOT like sweet drinks. At all. Better not put too much agave in that margarita or I'm gonna get angry.)

Luckily, I work with plenty of un-clubby kids who've visited Las Vegas on several occasions and actually enjoyed it. I think my favorite part will be the gambling—I even got slot-machine inspired nail art in celebration!—but the best Thai food in the country (at Lotus of Siam) and hours upon hours of pool time should be good, too. Especially since I think I did a pretty good job packing. Click through to see what to ake on your next trip to the Strip.

Wear it on the plane to get in the mood!

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