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Summer Packing Guide: Miami Beach

In general, people never tend to believe me when I first tell them I hail from Miami Beach, FL. "But why are you so pale?" some ask. "You don't really strike us as a 'beachy' kind of girl," others remark.

Indeed, I called South Florida home up until I graduated from high school, and now head back for mini-trips whenever I can. I may have taken that beach proximity and ample sunshine for granted as a teen, but appreciate it far more now that I've got limited access. While perhaps not as slick and cosmopolitan as some metropolitan areas, Miami Beach has a booming art scene, great dining and prime people-watching. Few other cities in the continental US, after all, regard a string bikini as a complete ensemble.

Click through the gallery to see some of the items I'd love to pack for my annual end-of-August trip back to, in Will Smith's immortal words, "the city where the heat is on." Bienvenidos a Miami.

From the South Beach color palette to the wetsuit-style silhouette, everything about this maillot is pitch perfect.

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