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The perfect pale pink.

Mint is everyone's favorite color this season.

Sally Hansen's gem crush is our summer rooftop party favorite.

The color of Minnie Mouse.


Pinkish-red with a sheen—from the Spider-Man collection.

Also from the Spider-Man collection, a silvery, lizard-inspired green.

The summer polish from Lancôme is inspired by the desert sun and exotic mirages.

I love how smoothly this one glides on—top notch.

Zoya describes this one as a faded turquoise—which never fails to remind me of Ralph Lauren riding on a horse—am I right?

Because pink always looks fresh in the summer.

Orange and creamy like a Dreamsicle.

Ocean-inspired, with a foil-like finish.

A matte, dark lavender.

It just might be named after Posh Spice, even though no one calls her that anymore.

This marine blue has hints of teal and silver.

NYC nails are all named after the streets. My street is definitely Spring Street, so I'll just have to wear this orange color out of solidarity.

Of course, Water Street is an impossibly cool shade of blue.

Tribeca Silver should be Beyoncé's go-to, because that's her hood.

The High Line is one spot in NYC that actually does have trees, so this green is fitting.

This one reminds me of trying to hail a cab on Lexington Avenue.

I still don't know why minutes in New York are said to be faster than minutes elsewhere, but this polish duo is very cute.

Hey, Sailor! We love that polish name as much as the bottle.

This one, called Saint Germain, is so French living—my new favorite term.


What Parker Posey would have worn in Party Girl.

So delicate. Oh, that's what it's called.

We love Beth Ditto, so of course we love this color, which is part of her MAC collection.


The Thakoon X Nars collaboration is the coolest thing that has happened to nails in since the nail art explosion. Exhibit A: this gorgeous plum shade.

Hot summer nights in a bottle.

Baby blue made cool.

If I could choose one color to wear every single day, it'd be this one.


Yellow rarely looks good on me, but this one works SO well.

Essie knows pinks.


This one will look good on everyone's hand.

Sky blue.

Like a cantaloupe!

This one will look great with an all black look.

This just POPS.

Such a unique pinky-red.

A beautiful citrus hue.

Mandarin orange captured.

Suede doesn't sound summery, but it's our favorite summer neutral.

So light and creamy.

The first coat is pretty neutral, but you can layer it on for a "pinker" effect.

This "Run the World (Girls)" set is a reminder from Debs to "experiment and have fun with color."

Big Red Machine (a sherry color) and Physical Attraction (hazelnut) come with a magnetic design cap. You hold the cap above the nail once the polish is applied to create wave designs...I'm dead serious. How cool is this?!

These two shades, Steal My Kisses, can also be used with the magnetic wave design kit!

Sweet Dreams is right.

Debby has outdone herself once again with this pretty purple—and it's called Ray of Light—so I GOTTA get this fresh mani.

Swagga Like Us—part of the very cool "Mirrored Chrome Flip" collection is an oxidized copper teal. MAJOR swag points, Debs!

When I look at this antiqued champagne color, my only thought is: HOW DID SHE DO THAT?

Private Dancer is a chrome ultra violet. What is a private dancer, though?