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Supermodel Christy Turlington Wants You to Have a "No Mother's Day"

A week from next Sunday, Christy Turlington wants you to make your Mother's Day a "No Mother's Day" by raising awareness for women who die in childbirth due to poor heath care.

Although the actual name sounds like a grinch-y attempt to thwart brunches and fresh flowers everywhere, the cause is really important and participation is easy. On May 13, the model's charity, "Every Mother Counts," asks that you turn off your cell phone and don't tweet or email for 24 hours. Also, instead of buying presents, you can donate that same money to at-risk pregnant women around the world. (But, don't forget your mom altogether—just shower her in some of these gifts the following Monday. We're sure she'll still love them.)

To learn more about "No Mother's Day" and maternal health, watch the video below and visit the Every Mother Counts Facebook page, here.

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